Services for Real Estate and Construction Companies

Tax Planning and Compliance

We offer specialized tax planning and compliance services tailored to the unique needs of real estate and construction companies. Our team provides strategic guidance on tax optimization, depreciation strategies, 1031 exchanges, tax credits, and compliance with industry-specific tax regulations.

Financial Statement Preparation and Analysis

We assist real estate and construction companies in preparing accurate and reliable financial statements, including balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements. Our team analyzes the financial data to provide valuable insights, identify areas for improvement, and support informed decision-making.

Cost Segregation Studies

We perform cost segregation studies to accelerate depreciation and maximize tax benefits for real estate properties. Our firm identifies components of the property that can be classified as shorter-lived assets, allowing for faster depreciation deductions and potential tax savings

Project Accounting and Job Costing

We provide project accounting and job costing services, helping real estate and construction companies track costs, monitor profitability, and maintain accurate financial records for individual projects. This includes budgeting, tracking expenses, revenue recognition, and reporting on project-specific financial performance.

Cash Flow Management

Our firm assists real estate and construction companies in optimizing cash flow by implementing effective cash management strategies. We analyze cash inflows and outflows, manage working capital, and provide guidance on financing options to ensure sufficient liquidity for ongoing operations and growth.

Entity Structuring and Tax Planning

We assist real estate and construction companies in selecting the most suitable entity structure (e.g., LLC, partnership, corporation) based on their specific goals and circumstances. Our team provides guidance on tax implications, liability protection, and governance considerations to optimize business operations.

Cost Control and Profitability Analysis

We help real estate and construction companies evaluate and improve cost control measures to enhance profitability. Our firm conducts detailed analysis of project costs, overhead expenses, labor utilization, and provides recommendations to optimize operations and maximize margins.


1031 Exchange and Real Estate Investment Analysis

We provide guidance and analysis for real estate investors seeking to utilize 1031 exchanges for tax deferral purposes. Our team assists in identifying suitable replacement properties, performing financial due diligence, and evaluating potential real estate investment opportunities.


Construction Contract Reviews

Our firm offers construction contract review services to ensure that contracts entered into by real estate and construction companies are sound and protect their interests. We analyze terms and conditions, assess risk allocation, and provide recommendations to mitigate potential legal and financial risks.

Business Advisory and Consulting

We provide comprehensive business advisory and consulting services to real estate and construction companies. This includes financial analysis, feasibility studies, strategic planning, cash flow forecasting, growth strategies, and assistance with mergers, acquisitions, and financing options.